George Hotel, Ilminster 1920


Of interest is the 1920 auction of Speke’s Estate, on Tuesday, March 16th, held at the George Hotel in Ilminster.  We are interested in Lot 2, Oxenford Farmhouse, Farm buildings, Four labourer's cottages and 219 acres.  Its tenant, Mr A Shire. 


One newspaper, The Courier, reporting on the outcome of the 1920 sale of Spekes Dowlish Manor Estate wrote;


“On returning from India, Major Speke found his rents low and that the expenditure and outlay had increased. So, he decided to place the property on the market.  As he had said before, it was purely an agricultural estate, and Major Speke felt that a man should own the farm he occupied.  His relations with his tenants had been most cordial throughout, and it was with great regret that he would sever his connection with Dowlish."


Map from village archive collection - date unknown


"Oxenford farm was put up at £6,000 and quickly rose to £7,000 when the bids dropped to £100, until £8,000, the purchase price, was reached.  Purchaser Mr A Shire [and in hand]"



Oxenford Farm

[Mr A Shire and in hand] 219 a 2r 14p £312.   [£58 19s 7d]

Mr F. S. Dobson, Taunton. £8,000 and £580."



The Courier, Wednesday, March 23rd, 1920. Sale of Speke's Dowlish Manor Estate. Online newspaper records-The British Newpaper Archive at Find My Past online subscription website;


Page from the Sales Catalogue - Oxenford - Dowlish Manor Estate 1020