Oxenford Farm

Oxenford an hamlet in Dowlish Wake [Originally West Dowlish]


The following paragraph is from a publication by Duncan Chalmers, printed in a little red booklet;





“West Dowlish originally consisted of 443 acres, and 586 acres after absorbing detached parts of Cricket Malherbie in 1885. The largest settlements were Oxenford farm in the south-west and various holdings at Moolham in the north-west of the parish. The extent and tenure of the former remained relatively stable for long periods although in 1766 it was apparently owned and certainly later occupied by James Salisbury, and was only acquired by the Spekes between 1791 and 1793 and let by them to Thomas Trout. The trout family were still at Oxenford in 1840, when the farm comprised 219 acres. From about 1872 to 1827 the tenant was John Bowyer. By 1910 it formed part of the Speke Estate that was retained in hand, but by 1914 it was let to Alfred Shire, who also leased thirty acres of Wallbridge Farm in Dowlish Wake. The farm remained part of the Dowlish Manor Estate until 1920 when it was purchased by a Mr Dodson, but the Shire Family continued as tenants until at least 1935”.